Makeup Tips and Tricks Makeup hacks are some of the best tricks to try and try in your spare time, especially when you are looking to experiment with your looks from time to time and are looking for ways to get inspired for your makeup look. . Whether you are doing full makeup, fully glam makeup or just natural and minimal makeup, you will love these makeups we have prepared for you. We have an awesome trick on how to paint freckles on the face using makeup. You can make yourself look younger and fresher by doing this little trick that will take you less than a minute. Grab a detangling comb and your favorite colored bronzer. Then, using a concealer brush, apply some bronzer to the brush and transfer it to the hairbrush. Finally, touch it on the cheeks and see all the freckles that complement your makeup look. If you are looking for ways to style your brows and try a different shape then this is our trick. Take your tweezers and apply an eyebrow pencil to the edges. Then place the colored tweezers on the brows and shape them exactly as we demonstrate in our video to create the contour. After that, fill in the outline and Voila. Another trick we have to do with contouring. Instead of applying the contour and highlight on the cheekbones, let’s demonstrate a perfect way to cut out a beauty blender and turn it into an contour stamp. The only thing you need to do is dip it into the powder or cream contour. In addition to shaping the face, we demonstrate the best way to contour the lips and make them look like Angelina’s Jolie. Using a nude color, the lips are outlined and then small shadows are created inside the lips to give them more volume. Then apply a dark lipstick on the inner corners of the lips and some highlight in the middle. In this video, we also show you several ways to create your own makeup products in an emergency. For example, we show you how to make your own mascara using an old eyeshadow bowl and petroleum jelly. Mix the two together as we show you in the video and then using a toothbrush apply the mixture on the lashes. Check out our full video that includes makeup tricks that can change your life. We have great nail art tutorials and nail tricks and we also have a perfect remedy on how to make your own peel-off lipstick. ————————————————– – ————————————– Timestamp: 0:31 – How to style the eyebrows 1 : 35 – Fantastic eyeshadow makeup 2:00 – How to contour the face 2:15 – How to contour the lips 3:47 – DIY mascara 4:20 – Peeling off a manicure 5:28 – DIY lipstick stain 5 : 52 – How To Make A Makeup Fixing Spray 7:57 – Mermaid Makeup Tutorial 8:20 – Eyeshadow Technique 9:21 – DIY Colored Mascara 10:52 – How To Clean Makeup Brushes —– ——— —————————————– ———- ———————— Music by Epidemic Sound: Our social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The bright side of Youtube: ——————————- ———– —————– For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound: This video is made for entertainment purposes only. We make no warranties as to completeness, safety and reliability. Any action taken on the information on this video is strictly at your own risk and we will not be liable for any damage or loss. It is the viewer’s responsibility to use judgment, caution and precautions if they plan to replicate. The following video may show the activity performed by our actors within a controlled environment – use judgment, caution and caution if you plan to replicate. .

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