Dos and Don’ts with Drag Makeup – My Personal Tips and Tricks Ghost Elektra

Here are my tips and tricks and the Do’s and Don’ts tutorial for Beauty Studio / Jellysmack’s Boys Do It Too series. The left side is my “Don’t”, and the right side is my “Do”. Now obviously these are MY tips and tricks that I have learned over the course of my 4 years of drag and have allowed me to elevate my drag “beat”, but they won’t work for everyone. Everyone is entitled to their favorite “beat” trick because remember: ALL DRAG IS VALID! But I hope some of these tips can help any of you out there! 💕 I based the “Don’t do” side on how I applied my makeup when I started dragging, and my “Do” side on how I apply my makeup now. Keep in mind that many hints and shots, hints and voiceovers have been eliminated. Check out my previous videos: 💄 Detailed Drag Makeup Tutorial 💄: 💅🏻MOP OR DROP Episode 10 💅🏻: Follow me and support me: 📮 Subscribe: 🤳🏻 Instagram: / ghostelektra 👤 Facebook: 👻 Patreon: 👕 Merch: Equipment used: 📷 Camera: 🎙 Mic: my regular event and event production company: 🔍 Forensics: Website: www.frnscs. com Facebook: Instagram: 🦇 Tech Noire [Paris]: Facebook: Instagram: 🇩🇪Night Shift [Berlin]: Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe to Boys Do It Too:.

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