10 extraordinary actors whose careers started in shocking ways

Here are 10 great actors whose careers took off in weird ways Subscribe to our channel – check out these other great videos: 10 hilarious moments from Marvel movies so far 10 movie sets that nearly killed their actors , it’s all about who you know. There are always new contacts to be made and networking to be done. Occasionally, the planets line up and someone is lucky enough to be born into show business. But most of the people you see on screen have had to scramble to get to where they are and make ends meet along the way. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, even the famous people. Here are 10 Screen Rant actors whose careers started in shocking ways. Screenplay by: L. Adams Voiceover by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis Ryan George Ben Kendrick @BenKendrick Featuring: Chris Evans | 0:29 Jackie Chan | 1:01 Paul Rudd | 1:37 Channing Tatum | 2:22 Helen Mirren | 2:52 Chris Pratt | 3:34 Cameron Diaz | 4:06 Aaron Paul | 4:41 Jason Momoa | 5:13 Robert Downey Jr. | 5:57 Our social media: our website.

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