15 actors with awkward audition stories you won’t believe

15 awkward celebrity actor audition videos. From Tom Holland in Spider-Man, to Ryan Reynolds … Subscribe: No matter how famous an actor is, there is always one activity that will make anyone fall off their high crotch, and that is: auditioning. Ask any actor out there, famous or not, and they’ll tell you auditioning is the absolute worst part of their job. And there is certainly something comforting in the fact that even the biggest, richest and most famous actors in the world started off by going to one awkward audition after another. Because some auditions might not be that bad, but some are downright terrible. Like the fact that a 19 year old Tom Holland had to act in front of his greatest heroes and do a lot of somersaults over and over to be cast as Spider Man! Or how about when Shay Mitchell filmed an audition for Pretty Little Liars in the basement of her agent’s office! Jennifer Garner once wore the same dress for so many calls that producers called her agent to ask if she had any other dresses, and Jake Gyllenhaal was so unprepared for her Lord of the Rings audition that Peter Jackson called him the ” worst actor “ever! It’s nothing compared to Eddie Redmayne’s audition for The Hobbit, when he was immediately interrupted for using a very strange voice, or the way James McAvoy fake crying to get out of an audition where he forgot all the his jokes! All these hilarious audition stories and many more are in the video, so check it out! 00:00 Intro 00:36 Tom Holland 01:17 Shay Mitchell 01:49 Eddie Redmayne 02:21 Emma Stone 02:58 Kat Dennings 03:35 Jake Gyllenhaal 04:05 Aaron Paul 04:40 Brie Larson 05:16 Adam DeVine 05 : 40 James McAvoy 06:08 Emilia Clarke 06:43 Chris Evans 07:13 Lucy Hale 07:38 Ryan Reynolds 08:00 Jennifer Garner 08:30 Outro Our social media: Facebook: For more videos and articles visit: Written by: Emelia Hellman Narrated by: Mia Jabara Edited by: Kristian Blaze For copyright issues please contact us at:

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