25 cinematic moments where actors weren’t acting

These scenes from the film are great because the actors were just themselves! Subscribe to ScreenRant – Anything can happen on a movie set, and seeing an actor’s natural reaction to a scene can make a huge difference when creating an authentic moment. For several iconic films, we take a look at the actor’s true self and are nailed by the results. Let’s immerse ourselves in the history of cinema in which the actors are not limited to acting on the screen, but are just themselves and enjoy the resulting performance. The list includes iconic actors including Dustin Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Julia Roberts, among others. Often, some of our favorite movie scenes include these moments where the actors were just themselves. There are cases in horror films like Alien and The Exorcist where the crew tried to shock the actors as much as possible. There are comedic scenes where the actors laughed and broke away from their serious scenes. Many physical moments included scenes within Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory alongside Fight Club. In Pretty Woman, one of Julia Roberts’ most iconic scenes was an impromptu moment that caught the actress off guard. Other films on the list include hits like Glory, There’s Something About Mary, and Back to the Future Part III. In some cases, the actors were actually hospitalized, a case that often happened to famous action star Sylvester Stallone. The Blair Witch Project was shot on an extremely low budget and included new actors who mostly portrayed themselves on the big screen. Watch to see all 25 scenes where the actors are simply themselves and naturally react to many moments. Check out these other great videos! 10 Stunning Stunts Who Put Actors To Shame 5 Hollywood Stunts Who Stole the Spotlight Our Social Media: Our Website.

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