5 actresses / 5 actors you may not know are dead

This video is in memory of love to those 5 actresses and 5 male actors that you may not know have unfortunately disappeared. When we watch celebrities in movies or on TV, we develop special bonds with them. So when they leave too soon it can be devastating, especially when we don’t realize we have lost them. You may not know some of these actresses and actors by name, but you definitely know their faces. Some of your favorite movies or shows feature actresses who were taken into the world long before their time. #actors #restinpeace #death BACKGROUND MUSIC: Wistful Harp by Andrew Huang. At some point in life, we will all die. In the meantime, have fun and appreciate the time left in your life, and do your best to keep yourself alive. This video also keeps their memories and spirits alive. Love from MrCaringuy. .

MODEL: admin

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