7 famous people who have practically disappeared

Getting a great break as an actor in Hollywood is undoubtedly the pinnacle of an actor’s career and can lead to so many exciting opportunities. Plus, it brings an actor more time in the spotlight than he’s usually used to. Sometimes that takes away the time and energy it takes to hone an actor’s craft to stay on top of his game. Hence, it is not surprising that some actors shy away from bright lights and fame because they would rather focus on other parts of life. We have compiled a list of famous people who have disappeared from the limelight even though they were at the top of their game. Do you want to know who I am? Watch to find out! #Celebs #Famosa #Quit Joe Pesci | 0:00 Mega Ryan | 1:45 Mike Myers | 2:54 Gene Hackman | 4:13 Rick Moranis | 5:03 Bridget Fonda | 6:20 Sean Connery | 7:15 Read the full article:.

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