9 Actors Who Were Never the Same After a Role

For copyright matters please contact us at: TechZone ► Most people think being an actor is quite simple. Just memorize your lines, say them, and use your hands to be more expressive … Anyone can do this! But real life is different. Acting requires professionalism, constant self-improvement and sometimes real sacrifices. Today, we will tell you about the actors who were deeply affected by the movies they played in. 00:00 – Welcome! 00:29 – Bill Skarsgård 01:39 – Joaquin Phoenix 02:43 – Christian Bale 04:05 – Shia LaBeouf 05:05 – Daniel Radcliffe 06:25 – Linda Hamilton 07:17 – James Cromwell 08:11 – Michael B. Jordan 08:54 – Hugh Laurie.

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