Actors who got greedy and then got fired

Supporting a pay raise is difficult in any profession, but it is especially difficult for an actor who works with a network at a popular show. Sometimes actors have managed to team up for better pay, and occasionally a single star can act alone for a positive outcome, but that’s not always the case. There are many examples of actors asking for more money, only to be fired and replaced for future seasons. The same thing happens in movies when a popular actor assumes he will be a benchmark for sequels. You might be surprised at how often this happens, actually. Here are actors who got greedy and then got fired. #Actors #Licensed #Money Hilary Duff | 0:00 Crispin Glover | 1:12 Laurence Fishburne | 2:24 Bruce Willis | 3:25 Sean Connery | 4:26 Lauren Cohan | 5:42 Suzanne Somers | 7:00 Terrence Howard | 8:06 Robert Duvall | 9:11 am Rob Lowe | 10:06 Read the full article:.

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