Here’s what Hollywood actresses usually eat in a day

Being an A-list actress has many benefits, but maintaining A-list status is hard work. Part of the job is maintaining their looks, which requires these actresses to eat and train like athletes. There was a time when many thought that A-list actresses would just go hungry for a red carpet look, but now we all know better. We can still look good healthily and safely. The key to maintaining a healthy and vibrant physique in Hollywood is all about nutrition. A-list actors are known to invest in the best nutritionists in the business, so here’s what Hollywood actresses eat in a day. #Actresses #Food #Diet Julia Roberts | 0:00 Angelina Jolie | 1:10 Emma Watson | 2:12 Jennifer Lawrence | 2:53 Jessica Chastain | 3:38 Naomi Watts | 4:47 Reese Witherspoon | 5:49 Megan Fox | 6:44 Amy Adams | 7:30 Scarlett Johansson | 8:58 Emma Stone | 10:19 Margot Robbie | 11:15 am Kate Hudson | 12:15 Read full article:.

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