How he overcame his intense social anxiety

Every week I spend hours and hours studying every word and every move of famous spellcasters from around the world, be they musicians, politicians, comedians, actors or artists. My goal is to learn and teach you the magic behind these people. I don’t care about the superficial: I usually dive into the person’s psyche and find out what that je ne sai quoi gives. This week, I decided to do exactly that with Robert Pattinson. What I found was unexpected. Did you know how embarrassing Robert gets? There were interviews that I didn’t include where people were genuinely confused by what he said because he was so confused and shy. But we don’t admire people like Robert despite his anxiety: we admire him for what he can do with this anxiety. Talk about how he really LIKES going through hell in the movies. He wants to try something and make sense of his work. That’s why his last two films (The Lighthouse, Good Time) have been so interesting. I really wish that if more people used anxiety as a tool and mastered their own anxiety, the world would be a much more content and productive place. FREE AUDIOBOOK Iconic Bachelor: Learning from the greats CONNECT WITH ME Tiktok: Instagram: BEST OF MY VIDEOS Ryan Reynolds: Joaquin Phoenix: The Wingman (my reality show):.

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