Official Chan by Actors in Dhar Mann Videos! Group of over 20 Stars! Nov, 2020 for FANS!

Reel Viral Actors is a channel who’s name has evolved from a few derivatives: “Dhar Mann Actors”, “We Viral Y’all” (Is a name shouted out during our first Zoom meeting and we loved) to “We Viral” which stuck once EP Evans conceived of and recorded the song “we viral” (song that starts and ends this video) a day before we launched and recorded with Carl Judie, Myia Hubbard, Angelee Merik Vera, and Nick Sarando. We are a group of Viral Video Actors who are face famous, yet people don’t really know our names. This Channel is our introduction to just some of the many faces you’ll be re-seeing from Dhar Mann Studios videos, but now with personal commentary about the actors – (whose names you might have read or heard before but didn’t retain) from the actors about their lives, careers, and working together on set. We hope to shoot many things together for this channel for years to come and invite new and old faces along with us. Launched the eve of Thanksgiving holiday, we have a greeting from these stars seen in Dhar Man Videos (from Dhar Mann Studios), and a peek into many interviews we have already shot by the actors, with the actors – for the fans! – November 25, 2020 To the Dhar Mann Fam and other fans who have seen us act; After over 2.5 years of notoriety, we are coming forward to you to give in-site to who we are via Vlogs, BTS of our lives in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Oceanside communities, The Valley, to far away suburb and desert living. We span the demographics to nice homes and as far reaching to isolated mobile camping !!! Meet our family, friends, side work hustles, and watch us teaming up for fun shoots. We will give you what you ask for! Join us in non-stop adventures, from personalities big and small, and young to old! We are diverse, full of love, and here to hang out with ya when we are not working on set! “We viral”! (y’all). Nick (Nicholas Sarando) had this idea sparked by working with Ayden Mekus again and hearing from him about his Collab YouTube channel di lui in October 2020. He wanted to stay in the pack and not step out as a leader, but the work load fell to him and he has become founder, host, editor, producer, director and even a bigger fan of Actors seen in Dhar Mann Videos, and artists everywhere as he learns more about them and what it takes to make it in today’s entertainment world. He has a wife and three little children and We work in entertainment and are struggling during the pandemic. Please support him by 1. sharing our channel: 2 offering producer support ,: write in about helping to produce a short starring the actors and you’ll get money back plus some !!! 3. buying an audiobook produced by, narrated by and scrupulously edited by Nick Sarando: 4. Following his social media @ Nicholas Sarando: [email protected] IG: @nick_sarando YouTube: Nicholas Sarando official Facebook Nicholas sarando fan page and tiktok: @ nicksarando Much Love to all the actors and fans who has thus far contributed to making this channel a success !!! .

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