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Let’s retrace some of the lives of celebrities and journalists who died in 2020. The senior editor and obituary writer of will walk you through chronological order throughout the year in a curated list of over 60 tribute videos including the basketball legend. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant; Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman; Glee star Naya Rivera; icons of movie stars Kirk Douglas and Sean Connery; Danger! guest Alex Trebek; beloved musicians Kenny Rogers, Eddie Van Halen, Neil Peart and many, many others. Read our full article on celebrities who died in 2020: Subscribe to on YouTube – Watch our celebrity death video playlist: WHAT IS LEGACY.COM? is a website that honors and celebrates the lives of people from all walks of life. On our site, you can search newspaper and funeral home obituaries, order flowers for an upcoming funeral, and leave messages of condolence to friends and family of your loved ones. We also have resources to help you plan your end-of-life needs, including hospice care, funeral planning, and bereavement counseling and support. You can also stay up to date with recent celebrity death news and curated collections of the most fascinating and touching obituaries from around the country and the world. is the place where life stories live on. EMAIL NEWLSETTER Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with our latest videos, articles and photo galleries. LEGACY ON SOCIAL Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Check out our bereavement support groups Written and narrated by: Stephen Segal and Linnea Crowther By: John Maxwell IMAGES Getty Images, Associated Press, Everett Collection MUSIC Getty Music I Will Remember by Gavin Luke Stuck in the Moment by Alexa Cappelli Redefine by Megan Wofford Scattered in the Wind by Dayon Memories of Old by Christopher Moe Ditlevsen MOTION GRAPHICS Motion Array #KobeBryant, #ChadwickBoseman, #JohnLewis, #RuthBaderGinsburg, #NayaklasRivera, #Sean Alex Trebek.

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