Fast Full Body Fitness in 25 Minutes | without devices

All trained once in the days with little time. Have fun with the short workout. YOUR SUPPORT💕 Here you can support me with a small monthly contribution (e.g. € 2.50). Thanks so much! 😘 👚 here’s my iYpsilon top * 👖 here’s my pants * 📙 here’s my books * 📕 free workout charts ☯️ and the YOGA mat on Amazon * 🚗 my TESLA referral link thanks 😘 * Follow me around for info updated: ▶ ️ Facebook ▶ ️ Twitter ▶ ️ Instagram 🎈👉 my home page with the current dates I am on. Maybe I’ll see you! ————————————————– – ————– * Some of the links in the video description may be affiliate links. If you buy something via the links, I get a small commission without the price changing for you. Thank you very much 🙂 # Whole body #Fitness #Training.

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