FAT-BURNING Walk with Light Weights, Over 2000 Steps | 5PD # 11

We’re going FIVE POUNDS DOWN every four weeks in 2022, and today we’re going on a fat-burning walk with light weights🔩. It’s an absolutely great day☀️ for taking big (but totally doable!) Steps toward our WEIGHT LOSS and FITNESS goals! FIVE POUNDS DOWN video series on YouTube here: Start LOSING WEIGHT TODAY with my FREE eBook: If CARDIO TONING is your bag🛍️, you’re going to love today’s efficient and effective workout. We’re improving our heart🧡, we’re strengthening our muscles💪, and we’re keeping our eyes on our healthy-weight goal⚖️. I’m with you every step of the way – literally! Are you ready to hit your stride🚶? You know I am! Let’s GO! SHOPPING INFO: Get my exact 3-pair Dumbbell Set (affiliate link): Snag these soft and comfy ALONG FIT capris (affiliate link): SET UP: Timer is set for intervals of 30 seconds; complete each mini circuit twice before moving to the next set; there is NO REST. WARM UP EXERCISES: Mini Circuit # 1 Walking Push Push Diving Airplanes Pop-a-Squats Low Swinging Tappers Crossback Jacks Mini Circuit # 2 Walking Walking Stars Big Arm Side Shuffles Ding Dongs Forward Hinge Arm Flappers Booty Kicker Elbow Swings Mini Circuit # 3 Walking Wide Open Side Kicks Tricep Curl Downs Skiers Front Push Heel Digs Dancing Xs FINISHER: (one interval on each side) Super Slow Sprinters COOL DOWN 😅 EXTENDED WALKING COOL DOWN: Share the gift of CARDIO TONING with your friends and family by SHARING the video! See you tomorrow. 💛 Some sound effects provided by // FOLLOW 🐝 Killer B Hive Facebook Group: 🌐 Website: // SHOP 👜 SHOP KILLER B MERCH ➭ 🛒 MY FAVES FROM AMAZON ➭ 👖 SAVE 20% on INKnBURN workout gear ➭ use code “Pahla” at checkout ! (not an affiliate, just a fan): // SUPPORT 🤝 PATREON ➭ 😇 PAYPAL (One Time Donation) ➭ // PODCAST 🎧 YouTube ➭ 🎧 iTunes ➭ 🎧 SoundCloud ➭ 🎧 Spotify ➭ 🎧 Stitcher ➭ 🎧 Google Play ➭ ❤ Pahla B – your BEST (middle-aged) fitness friend! ❤.

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