fitness for children with greccorobic

Grecco Ampelini takes children on an adventurous journey to the hidden temple of Huklapek. Everyone will do a complete, child-friendly aerobic workout with lots of fun and a good mood. So nothing for late risers. Get up and participate! Three for safety We Ampelini, Grecco (the green), Rocco (the red) and Gina (the girl in yellow) have been commissioned by the German Insurance Association (GDV) eV to guarantee more safety for your children. That’s why we promise to show children how to get through their daily life safely through fun, humor and playful learning on our website. You’ll also find a huge mountain of games, fun and safety on Grecco Voice: Jennipher Antoni Screenplay and Direction: Erica Ruhl and Daniel Trattler Animation: Stini Sebald / Trickfilmlounge Camera: Joep Veldhuis, Annett Hofmann Music: Daniel Trattler Many thanks to: Tom – Levi, Mira, Emilja, Lino, Sammy, Donna, Linda, Rocco and Tom.

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