If you start fitness in January, DO IT!

Many people start fitness and New Year’s resolutions in January. Unfortunately, the transformation fails again a few weeks later. So that this does not happen to you with your training, I have prepared the most important tips for you to start the new year. It’s more than just training and dieting to actually reach your goal. Also, I have included a free fitness program in my Hybrid Training app to help get you started. Dig! Download the app: Hybrid Training ► Coach Stef on Spotify ► Click here for PULLUP & DIP and with “COACHSTEF” get another 10% discount: Pull-up bar ► Parallel ► Push-up grips ► Rings ► Abs wheel ► Loops for belly ► Follow me here too: Instagram ► Tiktok ► Podcast ► ===================================== All links are affiliate or affiliate links. You support me financially by making a purchase through these links. Thank you guys! # January #fitness #transformation.

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