MASTURBATION & FITNESS – Is it Killing Your Workouts? 😱 | Unknown Facts

👉🏼Checkout HK Vitals Ashwagandha: Use code: THARUN10 for additional discount Join Fit-X 120 Days Transformation Program at just 18 INR / Day: (30% OFF) Fit-X Customer Care: 9840093351 WATCH NEXT: Subscribers Roast: Normal Boys vs Gym Boys troll: Living like Arun Vijay for a day: Burning 1000 calories of biriyani: Pullups Challenge: Hey guys, In today’s video I have discussed all about masturbation, no fap, the good and bad side effects of masturbation and how it affects your fitness in Tamil. and also how you can go about New Year Fitness Resolutions and also, some controversial questions between myself and MFT. Hope y’all like this one, Cheers 🥂 BE MY FRIEND: Instagram: @ Twitter: Tharun K BUSINESS:

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