NEYMAR shows its FITNESS training – does it or not?

Neymar is one of the best footballers in the world, but how is his training? Today we review his training plan, technique and exercise execution. Can Neymar Jr convince in strength training or is he just a swallow again? We selected a home workout and a session at his home gym. Have fun with Neymar’s analysis. Download the app: Hybrid Training ► My outfit (enter “COACHSTEF” for the best offer): Smilodox Shop ► Smilodox Shirt ► Smilodox Pants ► Follow me here: Instagram ► Tiktok ► Podcast ► ========= == ========================= All links are affiliate or partner links. You support me financially by making a purchase through these links. Thank you guys! #neymar #workout #fitness.

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