“Shackles” Switch Remix || @MandisaOfficial || Dance Fitness Choreography || @REFITREV

We’ve been creating choreography for many years (10 years, actually!) And finding a cool remix is ​​a great way to keep things familiar and fresh at the same time! This version provides a lot of fun tempo changes, so you’ll see us break moves down and speed them up throughout the song. It’s total body work, so you’re sure to get your heart rate up – but don’t forget to smile, too! You can take a peek at our choreography to the original version here: (Ps. Don’t hold our fashion choices or hair styles against us 😉) FIT TIP: Keep the arms and hands parallel to the floor as you pump side to side to activate shoulder work! When you swing arms side to side, the hip pops out to the same side as the arms. This creates a sneaky oblique crunch! INTENSITY: Mid SUBSCRIBE: ☝️ WORKOUT AT HOME ATTEND A LIVE EVENT: 90 minute experience class 👉 One-day instructor training 👉 BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: “Shackles (Remix)” by Mandisa is available for download on all social media platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. 📩Join our email list so that you’ll be the FIRST to know about new YOUTUBE videos + sales + news + REFIT events in your area: REFIT® believes that finding a positive workout shouldn’t be a negative experience. Visit our website to access unlimited streaming workouts, find live events, and learn how you can become a certified instructor. .

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