The Fitness Industry Has a BIG PROBLEM | Ryan Read & Bret Contreras

Ryan Read has recently been exposed online for his behaviors that many are deeming to be inappropriate, very similar to the behaviors previously shown by Bret Contreras. Sadly, these two individuals aren’t the only ones engaging in such behaviors and this is a problem that the fitness industry needs to address … More information can be found on Adam Wright’s Instagram page: 0:00 Introduction 1:09 Disclaimer 1 : 53 Trigger Warning 2:28 Adam Wright Fitness’ Video 4:00 Victim Blaming 4:39 Physical Contact 7:04 Ryan Read & Bret Contreras 7:48 My Channel and My Demographic 9:57 What Can You Do? 11:16 Red Flags in a Personal Trainer 12:49 Green Flags in a Personal Trainer 13:48 An Important Message 15:16 Outro Useful links / resources: – Domestic Shelters: – UK Based SA Support: – US Based DV Hotline (phone call, text, and chat): – US Based National SA Hotline: – US Based National DV Hotline: – Victim Support Europe: +3223460455 ► Subscribe: ► Watch the newest videos: ► Follow Team ForNever Lean: ► Instagram: ► Podcast: ► TikTok: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► FREE Training Program Template: ► Join the TFNL Discord server: ► Watch me live on Twitch: ► Watch more videos! Natty or Not?!: Reacting to Influencer Workouts: Reviewing Influencers: Most Popular: ► About Team ForNever Lean: Welcome to the official Team ForNever Lean YouTube channel! On this channel, you will find a variety of content like influencer reviews, technique reviews, myth-busting diets, and more! Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! ► Business Inquires: ► Intro / Outro by Mike Lacson (IG: littlem1ke) My videos are merely my opinion and are not based on fact. Please do not direct any hate to the individual (s) mentioned throughout my videos. The Fitness Industry Has a BIG PROBLEM | Ryan Read & Bret Contreras #TeamForNeverLean #Fitness #RyanRead.

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