TOP 5 mistakes for beginners | DON’T do this when you start fitness!

Today I have my top 5 beginner mistakes for you. DON’T do this when you start fitness and you save yourself years of unnecessary training. So I made a lot of mistakes and I try to save you some time with this video. The last two mistakes are particularly important. Feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments and to write down any additional errors that happened to you. Have fun! TOP 7 errors E-Book: DOWNLOAD ► Follow me on Instagram ► MyProtein 35% discount code “COACHSTEFMYP”: WHEY PROTEIN ► CREATIN ► SHOP ► ======================= =============== 10% “COACH10” pull-up bars: IN THE STORE ► PULL UP BARS ► DIP BARS ► Fresh BARBOZA clothes: IN THE STORE ► My pre- NOCCO training: IN THE STORE ► ===================================== My E-BOOKS for best start: GO TO THE SITE ► My training programs: TO THE SITE ► =================================== ==== All links are affiliate or partner links. You support me financially by making a purchase through these links. Thank you! #bodyweight #workout #fitness.

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