Horror in Video Games

oh no i accidentally made a scary video !! ! and now im SCARED ?? !!!! wow !!! that’s so cool !!!!!! 🙂 Support me for a kiss ► new shirts ► old shirts ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► dingusjacob Twitch ► Facebook ► Spotify ► sources: Resident Evil 4 Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Leon Kennedy (RE4 Let’s Play Commentary) Resident Evil 4 – Chainsaw Man Silent Hill 1 Gameplay Movie – Part 1 Silent Hill 2 PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2) Let’s Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Part 1 – Hey! Listen! Super Mario 64 – Bowser in the Dark World Modern Warfare 2: Domination -AC130 New Killstreaks- Five Nights at Freddy’s Gameplay and Commentary Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS3) – Jill Walkthrough Part 1 – Barry Burton & Jill Valentine Amnesia: All Monster Encounters Weapon & Level Balancing Explained – Level 80 – New DLC [Borderlands 2]

SLENDER MAN – THE EIGHT PAGES (SCARY !!!!!) Eternal Darkness – All Sanity Effects Eternal Darkness: Sanity Effects [4th wall breaking]

Psycho Mantis Reads Your Memory Card (PSX) Colonel JD AI Codec Conversation MGS2 HD Crazy Colonel Campbell Codec Conversations | Metal Gear Solid 2 IMSCARED Batman: Arkham Asylum – All Scarecrow nightmares Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Chapter 18: The Bunker – Walkthrough [FULLHD]

Uncharted Drakes Fortune Trailer HD Bloodborne – Where to Go If You Get Kidnapped in a Sack Bloodborne Guide – How to Find and Escape From the Unseen Village What Happens If You Bring Tammy Aberdeen To The Body Pit Near Her Pig Farm In Red Dead Redemption 2? Red Dead Redemption 2 – Meeting Serial Killer & Finding All Bodies (Secret Boss Fight) Fallout 3 – Our Little Secret (Andale) Silent Hill 4: Caught peeping Eileen for ever! BioShock: Dr Steinman (Spoilers) HD Bioshock Dentist Scare Outlast // Scary moments Undertale Funny Moments! Undertale – Chara Jumpscare: Windowed Mode Resident Evil – 3: DOGS JUMP SCARE. Super Mario 64 & DS – Evil Piano PT Silent Hills ★ NO COMMENTARY FULL walkthrough movie gameplay PS4 playable Teaser PT Ending.

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