10 TIPS FOR HEALTHY EATING | how to get started

Discover 10 healthy eating tips to get you started on achieving your health, wellness and weight loss goals. Use these simple mind-body tips as a foundation to help guide you along your journey. ▶ ︎ DON’T DIET WAITING LIST (Mind-body wellness + Weight loss): ▶ ︎ READ HERE 10 TIPS FOR HEALTHY EATING: ▶ ︎ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro – 10 tips for a Healthy Eating 1:11 Be Easy, Kind and Curiosity 2:45 Focus on Real Whole Foods 3:43 Avoid Highly Processed Foods 5:47 Connect to Your Hunger 7:52 Macronutrient Balance 9:27 Quality Over Calories 12:23 Switch to a plant-based diet 14:10 Cook often As you can 15:10 Practice eating consciously 17:08 Make it easy and fun 18:16 How to make changes 20:15 Outro LET’S CONNECT WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: TWITTER: # healthyeatingtips #howtogetstarted #howtoeathealthy.

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