6 tips for establishing a healthy routine!

Top Tips for Establishing a Healthy Routine | Sanne Vloet Hello my lovely friends! Hope everyone is fine! I missed you! I apologize for the end of this month’s video, but my hard drive crashed with lots of footage! A company is now trying to get it back, so let’s hope everything goes well soon! I really wanted to make this video for you because this is a topic that I find very useful! My trip to Europe was a lot of fun, but after my return I noticed that I had to make some changes after all the party, food and travel haha. These tips are super helpful for me and can really help you feel your best! Also, are you excited for wellness month in November? A big hug Sanne Follow me! Instagram: @sannevloet (Twitter: @sannevloet (Subscribe !!! Follow the link to my equipment page with everything I use to create content – B&H photos – Music: I used music from Epidemic Sound – I used music from Music Bed -.

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