7 TIPS for daily health in Telugu!

7 daily healthy habits in Telugu! ారా Join the Telugu Superhumans team? (Not mandatory) Benefits (Uses) 1) Book summary 📚 (Book summary) Main points I read books 📚 I will summarize (English and Telugu) 2) చదువు I will read your names in Live (shouts) వారి Those who joined this live week I will read the names 3) I will give the latest research and documentaries for FREE The latest research and documentaries will be shared freely 4) I can ask QUESTIONS World Experts I will ask your questions to the World Experts who come on the BNSGOKUGREAT channel on bnsgokugreat Click this LINK Click on this LINK click this LINK to join 🙂 #telugusuperhumans #bnsgokugreat #telugusuperhumansweightloss #telugusuperhumansdiet #telugusuperhumansweightlossdiet #telugusuperhumanslive #telugusuperhumansbackpain #telugusuperhumanskneepain #Telugusuperhumans #telugusuperhumans #telugusuperhumansmeditation #telugusuperhumansmeditation #telugusuperhumansmeditation minded and successful ︎Unisciti ▶ to my Facebook page: wTwitter: —- ———————————————————— This v video is for general information purposes only. It should never be considered a substitute for the advice given by a doctor or other qualified health care practitioner. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional with questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition. .

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