Doctors have told you simple and healthy ways to gain weight. Sehat ep 86

Welcome to the 86th episode of The Lallantop’s Sehat. Your daily health plan. In today’s episode 1. Find out why, despite trying everything, you can’t gain weight. Plus, discover some healthy and simple tips that will help you do that. In the next segment, find out how smoking ruins your lungs. Last but not least, here’s why you shouldn’t store chopped fruit. Watch the video for details. तेरा तुझको अर्पण के लिए र्पण के लिए हहां क्लिक करें – Install the Lallantop Android App: Follow us on: Like Lallantop on Facebook: Follow lalantop on Twitter: Follow Futkar on YouTube for short videos: Follow Latak on Instagram: for announcements advertising E-mail to: [email protected] Produced by: The Lallantop Edited by: Varun Sharma.

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