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Hyperglycemia | Ben reveals the dangers of high sugar levels in the body [6:06]
Nerve and vascular damage | Ben explains how hyperglycemia destroys these systems [8:34]
Glucose control | Well on the simple solution to eating less sugar than prescription choices [11:58]
Dietary habits | Changing eating habits to control glucose over medications and diet power [15:10]
Insulin resistance | Ben explains 2 problems, unresponsive cells and elevated insulin [18:47]
Fat storage | It clearly maps which cells are insulin resistant and which ones will store more fat [23:50]
Elevated insulin | Well explains the effect of insulin and how much it affects cells too much [31:40]
Hypertension | Ben reveals that insulin is almost always linked to hypertension [32:23]
Exercise of care | Well about how exercise affects insulin levels and muscle cells take over [36:37]
Diet | Ben points out that diet beats exercise in terms of helping insulin resistance [41:38]
Dietary principle No. 1 | Control Carbs, Ben explains why carbohydrates are not essential for humans [42:31]
Problems of vegan diet | Ben explains how iron and omega 3 are lacking in vegan diets [44:26]
Dietary principle No. 2 | Prioritize protein, Ben recommends that animal-based proteins be the best [47:17]
Dietary principle No. 4 | Fasting, Ben simplifies it and advises only eating earlier is better [50:01]

QUOTES: “When you start asking someone to change their habits, you are probably asking them to do the hardest thing they can do. It is much easier to take a pill. And to hell with the consequences ” [15:31]

“… It could be empowering, rather than taking drugs every day with no hope, knowing that the only future is to increase the dose of those drugs. Let’s actually address the true origins of the problem, which […] it will often be insulin resistance. ” [18:17]

“insulin tells the body how much fat to store, sex hormones only tell the body where to store it and how” [28:08]

“The muscle is so hungry during exercise, it basically just says it looks at the insulin when I’m at rest, you’re the boss, but when I train, I’m the boss. I’ll take what I need, and then pretty much push the insulin aside. ” [39:01]

“If you try to compare diet with exercise, diet will beat exercise to death as a variable for insulin resistance.” [42:00]

“it [vegan diet] it is a privilege of the elite. You have to be educated enough to know what your shortcomings are and you have to be rich enough to afford the supplements ” [44:47]

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