Ways to Maintain Kidney Health | Healthy diet for the kidneys | Improve kidney function | Good for the kidneys

Urologist Dr Upendra Kumar interprets the importance of keeping the kidneys in a healthy condition. He suggests consuming liquid supplements at frequent intervals, controlling blood pressure and avoiding alcohol and soft drinks. Get to know the doctors advice on a healthy diet for the kidneys and improve kidney function and good for the kidneys. KidneysHealth #Arogyamasthu #Health # ETVWin # To watch your ETV all programs of all channels anywhere and anytime Download the ETV Win app for Android and IOS: ETV Telugu (Youtube) – Facebook – ETV Jabardasth (Youtube) – ETV Dhee (Youtube) – ETV Plus India (Youtube) – Facebook – ETV Abhiruchi (Youtube) – Facebook – ETV Life (Youtube) – Facebook – ETV Telangana (Youtube) – Facebook – ETV Andhra Pradesh (Youtube) – Facebook – ► Mi Likes on Facebook: ► Follow us on Instagram: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Visit the website: ► Pinci on Pinterest:.

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