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Hi guys check out our Top 20 Never give up songs playlists Subscribe my channel for more trending and inspirational songs and don’t forget to smash that like button If you this song don’t forget to comment a 💖thanks for watching my video. Spotify: iTunes: Google Play: Lyrics: I️ ain’t the first with the curse with the thirst that I️ wanna be better not worse man it hurts I’m on this earth with my words and I️ put em all together insert cuz I️ wanna have worth workin hella hard till they put me in the dirt gonna go far man listen to my words gonna be a star man life’s like a blur when your working this hard yea you get what you deserve yea I️ aint takin a back seat I’m passing anybody else who is rapping I’m nasty ain’t nobody able to catch me they gasping they can not compare they can’t match me I’m at half speed I️ got your girl she laughing and dancing hanging on my what ?! she asking to crash with me smash with me she savagely wants cash money and she knows that I️ live lavishly uh I wanna live I’m cold inside give all I have just to feel alive I fight to live I fight to strive one day I ‘ ll have what I want in life verse 2 I want the whole world in the palm of my hand I got a plan I’m the man now I’m teaching the game a veteran better than anybody else who test me I’m ready lookin at my hand and it’s steady I’m trending ascending and blending lyrical bending now I’m spreading and getting my name out now yea they hearing me loud all the crowds repping the sound im hittin the ground running up and coming ain’t nothing yea rookie of the year ima keep it 100 cold blooded no budget (from nothing) to something na I ain’t bluffing I got a full hand and a full plan I ain’t gonna stop till im at the top man every single drop got me feeling awesome I’m about to pop started from the bottom yea I wanna live I’m cold inside give all I have just to feel alive I fight to live I fight to strive one day I’ll have what I want in life Thanks for watching the video don’t forget to comment 💖 if you love the song and watch the playlists for more songs.

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