SB19 REACTION: SLMT (Official Music Video) – SB19 says "Thank you" to the A’TIN 💙

Today we have an SB19 reaction to their new music video for SLMT. SLMT is one of the new tracks SB19 released on their new EP “PAGSIBOL” During this video, I’ll share with you my SB19 SLMT Reaction and first impression. We will discuss some of the visual aspects of the SLMT MV, the song itself and the lyrical content …. oh, and of course! The eye candy lol. I hope you enjoy my SB19 SLMT Reaction! What should we watch next A’TIN? # sb19 # sb19reaction # sb19slmt ——————- Find me on social media! 📸 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 📝 Facebook: ——————— I GREW my channel using TubeBuddy: Show some support 💜Buy me a coffee: —- —————–.

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