Russian forces breach Kyiv as Ukraine troops prepare to defend capital | 9 News Australia

Russian tanks and troops have been filmed advancing through the northern districts of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, with gunfire and explosions resonating ever closer to the government quarter. Subscribe and 🔔: Speaking in Russian during televised speech Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged Ukrainan troops to “take power into your own hands” and fight back against their government. 0:00 Russia Ukraine conflict: Latest news 1:52 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s defiant message 3:50 Biden speaks with Zelenskyy 5:33 UEFA and Eurovision respond to Russia 6:02 Ukraine surrogate nightmare 6:39 China responds to Russia-Ukraine crisis 7:06 Why did Russia invade Ukraine 11:58 Why Putin’s plan might not be going to schedule 14:52 Russian takeover predicted in days ► Get more breaking news at ►9News Lunch Podcast | Listen Weekdays at 12.30pm AEST: FOLLOW 9News Australia ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Join 9News for the latest in news and events that affect you in your local city, as well as news from across Australia and the world. # 9News #BreakingNews #NineNewsAustralia # 9NewsAUS.

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