10 EASY TRAVEL JOBS ANYONE CAN DO TO EARN EVERYWHERE: Best Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners 2021

Looking for the best travel jobs SOMEONE can do? If so, you are in the right place. Many think you have to be a fictional software developer to make money by traveling the world. And while it’s true that these are often flexible, well-paid travel jobs, there are plenty of travel jobs that pay well for us non-tech folks too! This video is about getting paid to travel the world in 2021. It turns out there are tons of digital nomad jobs for beginners. And if you want to learn how to make money by traveling the world (or working in exchange for free travel), this video is for you. We’ll look at some online jobs for travelers that require little or no experience, as well as in-person jobs that anyone can do while traveling the world. In the end, I’ll also share a bonus tip that I used to bring in several hundred dollars more a month as I explored the world (with no effort on my part). ⭐️ FOR 100+ MORE TRAVEL JOB IDEAS, CLICK HERE – scan all these travel-friendly jobs and let me know which ones are your favorites! ___ 🟠 MENTIONED: ▶ Skillshare Free Trial (Tons of Free Courses to Learn These Skills): ▶ Get Free Housing with Work From Home: ▶ Our Tricks for Getting Our First Home Sit (Video): ▶ Earn Your First $ 1k freelance writing (free course): ▶ Copyhour copywriting course: ▶ TEFL course I took (free booklet): ▶ Alternative TEFL course for limited budgets: 💰 (FREE COURSE) Earn your first freelance $ 1k: 💰 ( FREE CLASS) Get your first virtual assistant client: 💰 (FREE WORKSHOP) Get paid to be a proofreader: 💰 (FREE MINI-COURSE) Get paid to type as a transcriber: 💰 (FREE CLASS) Start a business drop assistance from scratch: 💰 (FREE MINI-COURSE) Earn money like an Internet Scopist: 💰 Skillshare free trial (tons of courses to learn digital nomad skills): ▶ Rent your room / house: ▶ Rent your car : HyreCar, Turo, GetA round, TravelCar, Avail ▶ Rent your stuff: Snapgoods, Loanables, RentNotBuy, iRent2u ▶ Rent your space: StoreAtMyHouse, JustPark ▶ Rent your clothes: DressVault, Zilok * Some links may be affiliate links, see disclaimer below ___ 🔴MORECOOLVIDEOS 😎: ▶ How to become a digital nomad in 2021 (ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT): ▶ How to choose the BEST travel job for YOU: ▶ Don’t become a digital nomad Without looking at this: ▶ How can we afford to travel full time (you can you too!): ▶ SafetyWing insurance review (after 2 surgeries and $ 15,000 bills): ___ 🟢TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: → BEST TRAVEL PLANNING RESOURCES: Here’s everything you need to plan your trip: from cheap flights , accommodation, packing lists and more: → TRAVEL INSURANCE: My new favorite travel insurance that saved me over $ 15,000 after a motorcycle accident in T Thailand (if you are currently traveling without insurance, be sure to protect yourself ASAP): ___ 🟣ALITTLEABOUTUS Heyo! Mitch and Day here 👋🏼 We are just the typical Colombian-American couple determined to make the most of every second of our precious time here on earth. After a 10 month solo backpacking trip through South America, I (Mitch) stopped in Cali, Colombia to take salsa lessons 💃🏻. I had planned to be alone for a couple of weeks, but God had other plans for me. I met a beautiful Colombian girl (Day) in class, those two weeks turned into a couple of years, and before we knew it … we got married 👰🏻🤵🏼 Now we are traveling the world in time full as digital nomads, supporting ourselves by working online 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Our goal with these videos is to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, take a peek inside our insane imperfect lives, and show you that you don’t have to be rich to live an extraordinary life … all you have to do is choose! CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 1:03 Babysitting 2:15 Freelance Writing 3:40 Social Media Manager 4:17 Virtual Assistant 5:06 Remote Work 5:39 Freelance 6:40 Volunteering 7:42 Teaching English 9: 06 Teach your skills 10:04 Au Pair ___ DISCLAIMER: The links included in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links I provide I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you!). I believe and have experience with everything I recommend. Thanks for supporting, so I can continue to provide you with free content every week! .

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