AROUND THE WORLD ITINERARY – How to plan a long-term trip

AROUND THE WORLD ITINERARY – How to plan a long term trip HOW TO PLAN YOUR WORLDWIDE ITINERARY (+ FREE DOWNLOAD) We are Tim and Fin and we have been traveling full time since 2015. Our first trip was a “leave your job for travel “10 month trip in 2015 and 2016. This video describes the process of planning that trip. Now, thanks to our online business, we are able to both work and travel. You can find out more below! —— OUR TRAVEL EQUIPMENT SOLD ON AMAZON COMPRESSION CUBE BACKPACK FOLDABLE BACKPACK FIND OUT MORE ON ————— MORE VIDEOS: CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2020 (Motivation + Guide) HOW TO EARN MONEY + TRAVEL (Playlist) ABANDONED SINCE THE BEGINNING 7 TRAVEL VIDEO TIPS BEST VIDEOS FIN ON BOARD LUGGAGE GUIDE: HOW WE TRAVEL FULL TIME (AMAZON FBA SELLERS) ——— — —- ON THE BLOG HOW TO PLAN YOUR ITINERARY AROUND THE WORLD (+ FREE DOWNLOAD) HOW TO SAVE ENOUGH IN A YEAR TO TRAVEL (+ FREE DOWNLOAD) ————– – – MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: ———– LET’S BECOME FRIENDS: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PATREON: I can’t thank you enough for being here and checking out our channel! Please leave a line anytime in the comments or at ABOUT US: We travel full time, live on our terms and show you the closest and most personal details of us fixing it the way. Sometimes it’s about making important and life-changing decisions. Sometimes it’s about navigating the seemingly free for all lawless driving in Hanoi. They are moments of triumph and moments of panic. The good, the bad, the ugly and, above all, the real fun. We are not here to tell you “how”. Just like we did it. And that whatever is calling you, the way you will do it is far more attainable than it may seem. We believe the world is a more interesting place when people reject conventions in favor of what they really care about. We are the ones who put the idea to the test: a budget spreadsheet, the RV renovation and the video of the drones on the mountain peaks at a time. #adventuretravel #travelcouple #rtwtravel #travelhumor #funnytravel #realityoftravel.

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