How To Save BIG While Traveling The World On A Budget!

Want to save money for your next overseas trip? Amazon author also known as The Smart Travelista, Linda King shares her tips for How To Save BIG While Traveling The World On A Budget! Who Is Linda King? Linda King was raised on a cattle ranch in the wild back country of Boulder, Utah. It was one of the last towns in America to receive a road and the last place mail was delivered by horseback. Linda has been a sculptor for over fifty years and has done many portraits of writers and poets, including Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Geraldine King, Harold Norse, Neeli Cherkovski, Jack Hirschman and AD Winans. For many years, Linda worked with Playwrights Workshop Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, helping produce original theater. She also loves to paint action paintings of racehorses. Linda lived in San Francisco, California for the past five years where she joined the Revolutionary Poets Brigade hoping to change the world with poetry. She recently moved to St. George, Utah and is determined to get back to her roots di lei with some western art and sculptures. Please share this video with a friend, How To Save BIG While Traveling The World On A Budget! Marcus Norman Gentleman Style Podcast 🙏 God, family, finance, and self. SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for more interviews like this and learn how you can be a VIP to score exclusive content! ► INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Need Business Funding? Reach me at Binge These Episodes! Bank on Yourself !! Infinite Banking Interview with Sarry Ibrahim – Create Your Life Vision Statement !! – Small Business (Playlist) #travel #vacation #baecation #podcast #entrepreneur #ceo #interviews #entrepreneurship #faith #leadership.

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