How to travel the world 🌍 Step 1: Plan the adventure

I traveled a bit this summer and have since received a million questions about everything to do with travel. How I planned it, how could I afford it, even where to start planning such a trip, etc. Due to all these questions, I have decided to start a series of trips to answer all your questions! In this video, we enter step number 1: planning the adventure. Have fun! ❤️ Hello world! My name is Caty and I have a passion for finding beauty in life. You came across my little section of the internet where I talk about beautiful things, emotions, people and experiences, and I hope you can find beauty too. ✨ VLOG CHANNEL ☼ TWITTER ☼ SNAPCHAT ☼ @CulpFictionVlog FOOD & TRAVEL BLOG ☼ INSTAGRAM ☼ MYFITNESSPAL ☼ PINTEREST ☼ I love letters! So feel free to submit some! Caty Culp PO Box 753321 Las Vegas, NV 89136 COMMERCIAL INQUIRIES ☼ Music by Lindequist: Movies by Johannes Baumann: Luxurious: Nokko Creative: Garrett Martin: Martin Bates: INES Images: A look at the media: Aishe Besim: Baptiste Lanne: MaartenFilms: Matt Devir:.

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