How to travel the world on a tight budget

Tips for traveling the world CHEAP! I have traveled to all countries at 21 and am fully self-financed. I started working in my family’s travel agency when I was 15 and I was able to learn a lot about travel hacking and how to travel on a budget. Thinking about how to afford to travel can be overwhelming if you think of it as a great price. It is useful to divide it: flights, accommodation, food, etc. Destination matters a lot when you’re on a tight budget too, so if you’re on a tight budget make sure you travel to the cheapest destinations in the world which are just as amazing as anywhere else including Southeast Asia, Central America and the like. . When flying, travel during the off-season when there won’t be many tourists, and travel during the holidays too – flying on Thanksgiving, New Year or Christmas will save you so much money! Speaking of credit cards: there are so many travel reward programs! One of the best things you can do right now to start traveling the world is never use your debit card again. Each time you use your credit card, you could accumulate points and miles that finance your next vacation. I can’t remember the last time I used real money to buy a long-haul flight which, as you probably know, is usually the most expensive part of a trip. Basically you can use airline miles for airline tickets and hotel points for free hotel stays. This is the start of a very long and in-depth conversation that I’m really excited to tell you more about because it really changed my life, but I’ll save it for another time so be sure to sign up to see more. Another great tip for saving money while traveling, especially if you’re not in a rush, is to avoid flights as much as possible. Local bus tickets and train passes can get you from one country to another for a fraction of the cost and is a great way to see as much of the country as possible out the window. Overall, be aware of how you spend money in your daily life. Skip the dairy and new clothes because these costs really start to add up. I don’t buy material goods very often! If I do, they’re typically very small, so I save money and use it for experiences instead. Hope this information was helpful! There will be more videos on cheap travel in the future! .

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