I bought a $ 150,000 passport that can travel the world

Our first holiday launch of Seek Discomfort “Create the Spark” is now available with a free bracelet as a gift for any purchase over $ 45 ⚡️Check-out SEEK DISCOMFORT now !! In other great news, Seek Discomfort is now carbon positive. This means we offset more carbon than we produce. Just one of the many steps we hope to continue taking to reduce our impact. We know there are many other ways we can continue to be better and we are doing our best to make them happen as quickly as possible. We understand that from a monetary point of view this is not a decision that everyone can make. But if anyone else is actually interested, we highly recommend working with Brookes & Partners, the same company we used. They were efficient and knew the back and forth process. Check it out here: and shout out to our travel hacker Guillaume Schaer @milesaddict for bringing me this idea in the first place. Watch our second channel video on Ammar’s surprise when he arrived in Paris here: Thanks to the city of Dubai and Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk for their generous hospitality during my stay in the city. Thanks to my friend Margjelë Shala for her help in the process of writing this story. ✈ Book an adventure: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ⁺ Search the Discomfort channel: 📝 Follow Matt’s newsletter: 📸 Instagram – 🐦 Twitter – 🎬 Facebook- ☮️ If you want to join the Facebook group Yes Fam which is over 100,000 members of our community more committed and tough, you can apply here: 🎥 HOW WE MAKE OUR VIDEOS 🎵 Where we find our music: 1- Epidemic Sound. Amazing royalty free music for YouTube. Free 30 day trial here: 2- Musicbed. Outstanding cinematic music. Free 30 day trial here: 3- Artlist. 2 months of free high quality music: 🎞 Our b-roll and stock footage: 2 months of free archival footage: For an amazing collection of movies and b-roll, check out: 📈 Our videos YouTube’s most popular 🎬 Traveling to the least visited country in the world: 🎬 Becoming Superhuman with Iceman Wim Hof: 🎬 We Helicopter Bungee Jumped with Will Smith: 🎙 The Yes Theory Podcast: CONTACT US 🌍 Our website – 🌍 Advertise with us – Who are we? We believe that the best moments in life and the deepest connections exist outside of your comfort zone. Ask us a question: Tweet us @yestheorydd.

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