Minimalist packaging for 5 YEARS OF TRAVEL | Golden rule for packaging

UPDATE: It took me a long time but I finally launched Explorior clothing! Break this link and be among the first people in the world to wear Explorior clothes: Find out how I started traveling full-time at 19: $ 34 free AirBnb credit for your next trip – pick me up and meet me on my travels: * Complete list of items that are in my bag (most of my clothing items do not match exactly, but the closest products I have found) * Packaging Equipment: 1 Epic Travel Bag: 3 Cubes for the Packaging: Essentials: 1 Wallet: 1 Passport: [not possible to buy on Amazon haha]

Tech: 1 Computer: 1 Phone: 1 Pocket Camera: 1 GoPro: 1 Power bank: 1 Hard disk: Clothing: 3 Explorior Shirts: 2 Stay Curious Shirts: 2 Pants: [sweatpants + something a little more formal]
2 short films: [whatever you get your hands on, make sure it’s comfortable]
1 Swim Shorts: [whatever you find]
1 Neck warmer: 1 Jacket: 6 Pairs of socks: [whatever is most comfortable]
6 underwear: [whatever is most comfortable haha]
1 Stay Curious Sweatshirt: 1 Explorior Cap: 1 Slippers: 1 Shoes: Other: 1 Daily Journal: 1 Cable Bag: 1 Cosmetic Bag: Subscribe to Jacob: Instagram ► YouTube ► E-mail ► Facebook ► Subscribe to Andrius: Instagram ► YouTube ► Facebook ► This is our travel camera setup: Main camera: Action camera: Pocket camera: Drone: Microphone: Main lens: Telephoto: Lens adapter: Lens filter: Tripod: I take all my music here: I buy my travel insurance here: #Explorior #Packing #Minimalismo.

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