Travel Tales Ep 17: 52-Year-Old Indian Drives To 60 Countries In His Car | Curly Tales

This is the journey of 52-year-old Praveen Mehta who went on a world tour in his car driving to 60 countries, 74,000 km in 330 days & returned to India just 2 days before the lockdown in March 2020. Praveen has been very passionate about traveling since he was 40 years old and has gone to various adventure expeditions in the last 10 years. This world tour was to push his limits about him & do something extraordinary. Praveen has a wife & a son who are extremely supportive of all his dreams & passions di lui as they believe that it’s one life so do what makes the heart happy! Watch more such Travel Tales here ► #TravelTales #PraveenMehta #CurlyTales #WorldTour #WorldDrive #WorldTrip #Travel #WorldTourOnWheels #CountryTour #worldtouroncar For daily updates: Follow us on Facebook ► Follow us on Instagram ► Subscribe Us on YT ► For more such stories ►.

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