Traveling the world as a Digital Nomad (3D Artist and VFX)

Traveling the world as a Digital Nomad – for 3D Artists, Designers and all other creatives. This is a live stream with Sergio Paez (previously Lucas Film and other studios – check out and Mitch Bowler (previous of Activision – check out and Allan McKay. We dig deep into the lifestyle of artist’s that travel permanently around the world, having their flights, hotel and other expenses paid for – and jump from project to project. And how you can do the same. Answering many career related questions and the benefits of this lifestyle, as well as the drawbacks – and more! Please leave as many comments as you like and we’ll answer them as fast as we can! Finally – what other subjects do you want to see covered around this topic? Leave a comment. And if you share this, thank you it means the world to me. Thank you..

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