Traveling to the most dangerous countries in the world (with Drew Binsky)

How do you navigate countries that are experiencing civil war, political turmoil, or even just places that have a reputation for being particularly unstable? In this video, I will open this question by dividing it into two parts. 1. Logistics 2. How I move on the ground in these environments. Actually. Thanks a lot to Drew Binksy for taking part in this video and sharing so many amazing footage from his trip to Libya, Drew may be the first person in history to make in-depth videos in every single country in the world, so definitely subscribe to his. channel: Sign up for my newsletter to get a preview of 3 CRAZY stories from my book: Follow me on Instagram for more daily adventures: People who travel to these dangerous places are adrenaline junkies and their favorite drug is extreme travel. It can be addictive, pushing the boundaries of what the media, our friends and family think is possible. The reward though. It is unlike any other experience you may have in this life. Being a stranger in such a foreign landscape and taking a look at a completely different way of life. Seeing faces that tell stories, trying new foods you didn’t know existed and being welcomed with unparalleled hospitality, kindness and curiosity around every corner. It’s about learning firsthand these perspectives on life that you would never have heard of otherwise. .

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