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Share your skills and help people stay free anywhere in the world. This concept is generally called Volunteering on the Go. The best part is that you can even learn new skills while helping others WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING. Volunteering is FREE. Watch this video to find out more. #MountainTrekkerVolunteer #Volunteering #BudgetTravel Two main platforms to find volunteer opportunities around the world are – 1. Workaway code (1 month free) – 2. Worldpacker (20 US $ discount) – MOUNTAINTREKKER TRAVEL SERIES # Thailand series 2017 – # Europe series – # Bangladesh series – # Spiti series (India) – # Malaysia series – # Russia series – # Bali series – # Mizoram series – # Egypt series: # USA series: # Mauritius series: # Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia series: # Italy Series – # Canada Series – # Thailand, Koh Phangan Series – # South Korea, Seoul Series – # Pakistan (Kartarpur) Series – # Kyrgyzstan Series – # Serbia Series – # Dominican Republic Series – # USA 2021 Series: # Video volunteer – # Travel Planner Series – ABOUT ME I’m Varun. I am now a full time traveler (yes, I quit my job to pursue my dreams). I love to travel alone and meet people. After traveling a lot in amazing India for years, I came out of my country and realized how beautiful the world is! I started making Hindi travel web series full of travel tips and tricks, especially for budget travel and sustainable tourism. My dream is to inspire people to explore this beautiful world and learn the best things to make our world a better place to live. I have been awarded the prestigious “National Tourism Award” by the Government of India for my contributions in the field of tourism promotion. Thanks to my viewers, thanks to whom I now receive invitations from all over the world to visit their places and show them to the world. SUPPORT ME # MY AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS – India – USA – Canada – UK – Germany – France – Italy – or (click here, type what you want in the search bar and buy) # BOOK HOTEL AND HELP ME – Your hotel reservations from this the link can bring me a small amount # JOIN MY CLUB, BECOME A MEMBER – I make exclusive videos for members, rather informative # BUY THINGS, USE WHILE TRAVEL # MUSIC I USE FOLLOW US ON # INSTAGRAM – # FACEBOOK – # TWITTER – # EMAIL (business only) – If you have any questions, feel free to ask – (it may not be possible for me to answer all questions here, but other members, travelers and the travel experts in this group can help you).

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