Why I stopped traveling. (life as a digital nomad)

Ex-Google TechLead and global digital nomad explains why he stopped traveling, after years of backpacking and living a mobile life out of a suitcase. What’s the difference between “here” and “there”? And what would you give to be “there”? To me … they are one and the same. There are travelers in every city in the world, even in your own city – the one you think is boring, likely. There are places that are special to you, that bring you inspiration, and yet it’s funny that these places may be boring to others. I think travel is not so much about ticking off a bunch of checkboxes or even researching “top 10 places to go before you die,” but rather it’s about picking a place that has special meaning to you that inspires you, personally. If you have to research & think about where you want to go, it’s probably not the right choice. Unless, you travel for the sake of travel … Then one must ask, do you seek a place or a home? * NEW * Join me in DeFi Pro and make passive income with crypto. Join ex-Google / ex-Facebook engineers for my coding interview training: 🚀🌕 Million Token: 💻 100+ Videos of programming interview problems explained: 💻 Sign up for my FREE daily coding interview practice: 📷 Learn how I built a $ 1,000,000 + business on YouTube: 💵 Get 2 FREE Stocks on WeBull valued up to $ 2000: 🛒 All my computer / camera gear: 🎁 Get the TechLead wallet (ultra thin) on Amazon: 💁 My favorite desk: ⌨️ My favorite mechanical keyboards: 🎉 Party up: Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. #techlead.

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