World Traveling Family of 80+ Countries Goes Public!

This weekend we are celebrating the 4th year anniversary of our arrival here in Europe! What started as a five-week holiday has turned into a worldwide odyssey of adventure and discovery of 80+ countries! Along the way we have gained a lot of insight into living and working in multiple countries with our 3 girls. Today we’re excited to start opening up our world to you with the launch of our new Youtube channel “Growing Up Without Borders”. We hope you enjoy and be sure to give us your feedback. Countries in this video! – Peru – Macedonia – United Kingdom (Gibraltar) – Montenegro – Brazil – Switzerland – USA (Key West) – Czech Republic – Thailand – Malaysia – Indonesia – Chile – Bolivia – Greece – Italy – Argentina – China (Hong Kong) – Morocco – Spain – France ______________________________________________________ ► SUPPORT OUR WORK: ► Our 2 new courses: – How to Start an Online Business – Geography Made Fun! ► Check out new MAP VIEW of our videos: ► SHOP Growing Up Without Borders Merchandise ► WHERE TO STAY * Sign up for AirBnB using our link and you’ll get $ 40 off of your first stay! * Sign up for using our link and you’ll get $ 25 off your first stay! * HOMEEXCHANGE: ► ESSENTIAL Gear (these are affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Your purchase helps us continue making these videos!) The camera we use for pictures: Our phone: Our DRONE: The GoPro we use: Our EXTERNAL Hard Drive: Battery Pack: ► FREE TRIAL OF OUR HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM: ► THE MUSIC WE USE: ► CONNECT WITH US: ✩ WEBSITE / BLOG: ✩ INSTAGRAM: @GrowingUpWithoutBorders ✩ FACEBOOK: ✩ SUPPORT OUR WORK: ► CONTACT US: chantal (at) growingupwithoutborders (dot) com.

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