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► Stream and download the song here: Spookiz – Travel The World Original music and lyrics: Dragostea din tei by Dan Balan Published by: EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH Repertory owner: SME Germany GmbH ► Check out the Spookiz Range: ► Click here to watch more Spookiz: ► Watch season 3 episodes: ► Watch Spookiz Cookie: ► Watch season 1 episodes: ► Watch season 2 episodes: Spookiz 스푸키 즈 is an animation of keychain, which follows the lives of Cula, Frankie and all their friends while they were at school. Cula is a descendant of a royal family of Dracula. He may seem cold-blooded and evil, but he actually wants to get close to others and become friends with them. He has obsessive compulsive disorder and a complete order freak! You may see him and his helper KongKong doing useless things, but he’s a really good soul! Frankie is a bit boring slowpoke, Frankie’s appetite sometimes turns him into a bit of a monster! It makes him grow a four-leaf clover on top of his head which is a good luck charm. He’s one of the friendliest members of Spookiz’s gang, but his appetite sometimes puts him in a bad mood if he’s not satiated! Kebi is a free-minded soul and not one who abides by rules and formalities. He is constantly energetic and bubbly and loves to tease Cula as much as possible. It’s a friendly rivalry, as they really are best friends! KongKong is Cula’s companion KongKong is best described as weak for the strong and strong for the weak. He is very aware of his short stature, but by listening and trusting in Cula he feels safe and comforted. Zizi shows off a stinking smell but she doesn’t realize it. Body parts (mainly the head) often detach from her body, but are always easily put back together on her. He has a secret crush on Cula and dreams of always being with him. She is incredibly shy with him and doesn’t like anyone knowing. ► Visit our Facebook: ► Visit our Twitter: ► Offered by Keyring Studios: #dragosteadintei #traveltheworld #spookizmusicvideo #spookizsongs #spookiz #spookizcartoon #spookizepisodes #kidscartoons #spookizmovie.

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