Fry challenge to live on the world’s best fries from the world’s cheapest fries and most expensive fries for 1 entire week! This was also a challenge to eat every fry around the world from vending machine fries from a Japanese vending machine to fast food fries like McDonalds fries, five guys fries and more! During the video I found Crispy French Fries & Cheese Sauce, epic chili cheese fries (over 10,000 calories), homemade French fries, street food French fries, filet mignon & fries, carne asada fries, and many more! Also thanks to everyone in this video! FastGoodCuisine: Lucile: la banquise: And of course all the restaurants: Bacon cheese fries (20): Sticky’s New York, Curry wurst & fries (19): Best Wurscht, British fish n chips (18): A Salt & Battery, Peanut sauce n mayo (17): Vleminckx, Salchipapas (16): Prontito, Fast Food fries (15): McDonalds, five guys, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Jolibee, Shake Shack, La frita cubana (14): El Rey De Las Fritas, Belgium Frites (13): Fritland, Indian masla chips (12): Taco Mahal, World’s cheapest fries (11): street vendor french fries, Steak frites (10): Le Relais de Venise – son entrecôte, Vending machine fries (9): all around Tokyo, Japan, Patatas bravas (8): Bar El Tomàs de Sarrià, S’mores fries (7): Sticky’s Finger Joint, Revuelto Gramaje (6): Tabaré, Poutine (5): la banquise, Korean Potato (4): Turntable Chicken Jazz, Loaded Curly fries (3): Spudz French Fry Shop, World’s most expensive fries (2): Fastgoodcuisne, World’s best fries (1): Frites Atelier During the video there were definitely some perfect crispy fries, but also along with the fries we found some amazing burgers! I found these fries inside gas stations, fast food restaurants, vending machines, restaurants and even a capsule hotel! Enjoy my reaction to this week long challenge and let me know the ones you would give 1 star reviews to or 5-star reviews! For me these are the best fries everywhere from America, to Belgium to Tokyo, Japan to the entire world! Enjoy this never before seen video! Watch All The Challenges Watch these specific ones next: LIVING on WORLD’S BEST VENDING MACHINES for 1 WEEK !: LIVING on WORLD’S BEST BURGERS for 24 HOURS (Gordon Ramsay, MrBeast Burger & MORE)! WORLD’S CHEAPEST Vs. MOST EXPENSIVE 5-STAR HOTEL ($ 16 vs $ 129,000)! $ 1 in WORLD’S CHEAPEST COUNTRY Vs. MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRY! .

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