The 10 best viral videos of 2021 that made their way onto the internet

NFTs are revolutionizing our world and Tezos is leading the way. Visit their website (and find out how you can explore, collect, and create NFTs with the power of the Tezos blockchain. These viral videos broke the internet. For this list, we’ll look at the most popular clips shared online or through social media. Our countdown timer includes The Jennifer Aniston Neuron, Kitten Running, Deepfake Tom Cruise and many more! Which of these beloved recordings made you hit the Like button? Let us know in the comments below. Watch more great internet related videos here: Top 10 Times the Internet Crimes Solved: Top 10 Things The Internet Needs To Stop Glorifying: The 10 Unsolved Internet Mysteries: Make Your Idea A Video! Sign Up For More Great Content! Visit WatchMojo Club For Great Deals! Reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins and entertainment news about movies, TV, video games, comics, celebrities, music and superheroes. #Internet #YouTube # Tech #PopCulture #ViralVideos #Viral #BreakTheInternet #TomCruise Deepfake # 2021 #JenniferAnistonNeuron.

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