Viral video of four village chiefs in Pati enjoying karaoke accompanied by a song guide to celebrate birthdays

FULL ARTICLE: TRIBUNJATENG.COM, PATI – Four village leaders in the Pati regency are threatened with punishment from the local government. This is because they have taken inappropriate actions, that is to have fun “celebrating” in an evening karaoke entertainment venue accompanied by female karaoke guides or music guides, last Saturday (12/25/2021). The video of the four village chiefs enjoying karaoke accompanied by a female karaoke guide (PK) was distributed in a chain on the WhatsApp application. Based on the information gathered, the video was initially uploaded as WA status by one of them, but was deleted shortly thereafter. Video Editor: Iwan Narrator: Nur Fajriani #VideoViral #EmpatKepalaDesa #Pati #AsyikKaraokean #Accompanied #PemanduLagu #RayakanUltah #tribuntimur (TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM) More viral video updates: BitViralTribun popular news / Current viral news Remember to SUBSCRIBE, SHARE and COMMENT. Update the latest information via | Follow Instagram Account Follow Twitter Account Follow and Like Facebook Fanpage YouTube Business Inquiries:

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